My voice is described as non-  regional American and is crisp,  informative, laid back &reassuring.

Also described as velvety mellifluous, luxury, smooth and easy.

I embrace being an American living in London. I have rambled around the world, on the move since an early age, seeking and speaking to the world. Early on, language, voices and accents piqued my interest and I emerged as an intent listener. Undoubtedly, I learn the most from listening.  

I began my career as a talker... a voice over actress and I haven't quieted since. I am a communicator, an actress and writer and have reported on current affairs, travel, celebrity, sports, human interest, theatre, and extensively on lifestyle and beauty.

I work continually as a voice over actress and my voice has been used for television, podcasts, movies, games, adverts, corporate animations, instructional videos and more.