My Voice is described as non-regional American and is crisp, informative, laid back & re-assuring.

Also described as velvety mellifluous,

luxury, smooth and easy.

I embrace being an American living in London. I have rambled around quite a bit, on the move since I was young when my family left Brooklyn, NY for Atlanta, GA. and north to south was quite a big cultural change back then.  From early days, I was aware that my family sounded different, and I made a great effort to blend in which probably gave way to my being an intent listener to language, conversation and accents. When I would speak, people often commented on my voice and I began my career as a talker... a voice over actress and haven't quieted since. A communicator, I work concurrently as a journalist devouring the world's stories.

As a features editor I have reported on travel, human stories, celebrity appearances, theatre reviews and interviews. I have also written for lifestyle and beauty magazines and was a contributing writer for the Atlanta Journal & Constitution. 

I work continually as a voice over actress and my voice has been used for television, movies, adverts, corporate animations, instructional videos and more and I write freelance and with my photography, capture the earths events. 

I love what I do.