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Alex Kolton-London



Voice - Soho Voices /   Acting- Hashtag Management

VOICE OVER WORK- MobilExxon, L'Oreal, Amazon, AstraZeneca, Spotify, Citibank,

Unilever, Roche, JP Morgan, Dyson, Bacardi, SkinCeuticals, Delta, Philips, BMW,

United Way, Virgin Media, DHL, BP, Ernst & Young, Nestle',  to name a few.

DOCUMENTARY- Cher In Her Own Words, The Harvey Weinstein Story,

Discovery ID Channel The Wives Did It , BBC-  Bolshoi Babylon

ACTING-  Radio Drama- Crazy Quilts by Karen Fix Curry, McDonald's Super Saver Advert,

Plenty Paper Towel, Travel for London Tube PSA

PRESENTING- IM Festival Immediate Media,  ElectionFest- American Magazine

DANCE- 2012 Olympic Performer Opening &Closing Ceremonies 

WRITING & PRINT JOURNALISM- Interviews-Bob Gale June 2022,

Jay Osmond April 2022 (The American Magazine) Meghan Markle- Baby Report,

The Mayhew, Theatre Review- Pride & Prejudice (Sort Of)  Back to the Future Musical,

Travel- Rome If You Want To...., Miami the Magic City  

Future Dreams Magazine- Editor/Contributing Writer  2015

Atlanta Journal & Constitution- Style Section Contributor, Atlanta CitiMag- Features Editor,

Beauty Fashion Magazine-Regional Editor

EDUCATION & TRAINING- Birkbeck College- Creative Writing Certificate , 

Bachelor of Liberal Arts- Journalism / Columbia College- Chicago, IL , 

American Intercontinental University- Applied Arts - London & Los Angeles

SPECIAL SKILLS- Home Studio Recording, Working Spanish

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